Week 3 --- Different Types of Cell Referencing and Naming

Hello everyone :wave:

We are halfway through the course! I hope you are on track or can catch up soon! :rocket:

This week, we are taking Week 3 where we will learn about Different Types of Cell Referencing and Naming. In addition to the videos and practical quizzes, you will find a toolbox at the end of the week with a summary of all new functions.

Live Session — Week 3

On 2021-07-07T11:00:00Z we will have a Live Session with Nicky Bull where we will get the chance to discuss questions and some case examples of Week 3. I have sent you a calendar invite per e-mail. But if the invite gets lost, you can also find the link to join the Zoom session here.

Feel free to post your questions and remarks in the forum! And enjoy learning! :slightly_smiling_face: