Week 2: Schedule + Zoom Session about Elasticsearch at Class Central

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about Redis Data Structures in the course’s first week lessons. It was great seeing many of you during the live session yesterday!

Before going over the schedule for week 2, a couple of things:

  • Starting late: If you haven’t started the course yet, but can dedicate a few hours to online learning this week, there’s still time to catch up. Here’s how to enroll in the Redis Data Structures course, and follow the week 1 schedule.
  • Zoom session recording: We’ve recorded the week 1 zoom session for those that couldn’t make it yesterday. I’ll include the link in the weekly email. Check your inbox. :slight_smile:

Week 2 — Schedule

Wednesday, June 23 - Tuesday, June 29

This week, we’ll be covering three modules over the next seven days (and the following weeks, for that matter). In Week 2, the objective is to complete the following lessons:

  • Capped Collections & Set Operations
  • Use Case: Faceted Search
  • Performance

(You can find the full course schedule here.)

On Tuesday, June 29, we’ll hold another Zoom session on Faceted Search & how we implement the same in Class Central using Elasticsearch. You can expect a calendar invite in your inbox later in the week.

Good luck with Week 2. See you on the forum. And happy learning, everyone! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was also wondering how Elastic search compares to RedisSearch.