Week 1 - Welcome and Let's Get Started

Hi everyone! :wave:

Welcome to the study group for Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis, the online course taught by Nicky Bull and Prashan S. M. Karunaratne and offered on Coursera.

I’m Heba, the study group coordinator. And I’m going to be taking the course as well. Nice to e-meet you all! :slightly_smiling_face:

Over the next five weeks, we’re going to take Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis together, following a common study schedule, supporting each other through this discussion forum, and holding weekly live sessions with Nicky.

The official kick-off is today, June 16. So, we’re getting started. Here’s how.

First, join the forum.

This forum is the heart of the study group. It’s where we’ll discuss what we’re learning, ask questions, support each other, and post announcements. etc.

You probably already signed up for the forum. But if not, here’s how:

  1. Click on Sign Up at the top of this page and fill your information.
  2. Go to this page and click on Join Study Group at the top.
  3. Go introduce yourself in this thread.

Second, enroll in the course.

Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis is offered on Coursera, not on Class Central itself. So you’ll need to enroll there. In brief, this involves going to this link, clicking Go to Class, and clicking on Enroll for Free.

The course is free-to-audit. This means that you can view and take the course material for free. If you want to get a certificate you need to upgrade for a paid subscription.

Third, start the course.

The official kick-off is today, June 16.

In Week 1, our goal is to complete the following modules by Tuesday, June 22:

  • 1.1 Welcome and critical information
  • 1.2 Cleaning and manipulating text

You can find the full study schedule here.

Fourth, join the weekly Zoom sessions.

Every week, we’ll have a live session with Nicky Bull to learn about Excel directly from her! :muscle:

Our first live session will be next Wednesday, June 23, at 9:00 PM (AEST), which corresponds to 4:30 PM (IST) and 1:00 (CEST). I will send you a personal calendar invite.

I’ll email you an invite with the Zoom link. If you haven’t used Zoom before, here are setup instructions.

Fifth, post on the forum.

This forum is truly the heart of the study group. Everyone can create topics and reply to existing ones. Please do not hesitate to put the forum to good use: ask questions, support each other, share your favorite course bits…

And, if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to introduce yourself here.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know below.

Enjoy the first week of the course and see you around! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Heba
Was there a zoom session before the on 23rd? Thank you.

Not for the Excel course. This will be the first one!

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Hi Heba,

How to get the link of the zoom meeting. I am really excited to join the weekly meeting?


Hello Hariono,
I am looking forward to it too. Here is the link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

See you there,

I wasn’t able to join for the 1st tutorial. Can I have the recorded video for the 1st lesson. Thank you

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Hello @Johnny1! Sure, I am sharing the link with everyone today.