Week 1 Progress — How is it going?

I am halfway through the first week and I was wonder how everyone else is doing?

So far I am the enjoying learning about the different data types and the operations you can run on them. I think it is better to setup a Redis environment before going through the videos, so you can at-least quickly try out the examples mentioned in the video.

The number of different Redis commands might be a bit overwhelming for beginners, but I think its not necessary to know all of them. You can always look them up if needed.


I’ve completed week 1 and was able to setup redis locally using the course Docker image. Terminal in the browser is really cool feature and useful.

Week 1 has different modules containing each data structure and has video, quizzes, etc which helped me in understanding topics easily.

According to me, Set up your Environment should be kept in the very beginning of week 1 instead at the end of week 1.

I found the attached pdf, https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/assets-university.redislabs.com/textbooks/Redis_For_Dummies_Limited_Edition.pdf to be super useful.

Eagerly waiting for live session.


Redis for Dummies looks good, need to read it.

I found 7 dbs in 7 weeks book nice to give an overview of different kinds of dbs. Also check out

to get an overview of different database paradigms.


Read the Redis dummies book. It has good use cases for which redis can be used, and is complementary to the course. However, you can completely skip chapter 4 as it talks about advanced use cases and enterprise offerings.