The Living Planet Report: Canada 2020

Related to lesson 10, this WWF report on Canadian wildlife is worth a read. As it shows, ‘Populations of Canadian species assessed as at risk nationally by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) have declined by 59 per cent, on average, from 1970–2016’ as a result of multiple threats, a chief one being climate change. Information about the collared pika is on p.44.

This interview with David on the Yukon pikas is also interesting, again showing what a threat climate change is to them.


I thought small mammals would suffer less the impact of climate change. But pikas seem to rely on snowfall for insulation. Also, living in cold places must require a considerable amount of calories to keep them alive which might be challenging in these conditions.

This article on the die off of pikas in California shows how climate change is directly affecting them. It’s a depressing read. PLOS