Thank You + Staying in Touch + Celebrating Mountain Day 😊

Hello everyone,

It’s been exactly one week since Mountains 101’s final live session. But maybe it wasn’t the final session… more on that below. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (If you couldn’t attend, no worries, I’ll email the link shortly.)


If you managed to finish the course over the last week, congratulations! Don’t hesitate to let us know in this thread. And I encourage you to go review the course on Class Central. If you’re curious, here’s my review.

And if you haven’t finished yet, I encourage you to keep going. The end is quite surprising!

Thank You!

As you know, the Mountains 101 Study Group was Class Central’s first open study group. So we’re all alumni of the Study Group’s inaugural cohort.

It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I’ll remember this group fondly. So I want to thank you all again for being part of this experiment. It was great reading your lively forum contributions, and chatting and learning from you during the live sessions.

In particular, a huge thank you to @DavidHik and Zac for taking time out of their busy schedules to teach us about mountains and their wonders, and some of the challenges ahead.


If you’re wondering: this forum will remain live and open. And while it may not be as active on the daily as it used to, we’ll continue to monitor it. Feel free to come back to the forum whenever you like, and to continue posting — for instance, if you come across an interesting article about mountains.

Over the weeks, David has shared numerous links. Here are some notable ones:

About that last link…

International Mountain Day — December 11

During the final live session, Jess had an excellent idea: holding another live session on December 11 — that is, on International Mountain Day. It’s a great idea. We don’t know the details at this point. But we’ll coordinate with David and send everyone an email later this year. It’d be great to see the Mountains 101 study group reunited again. :blush:


Thanks @DavidHik and Zac. This was one of the best courses I have ever done/seen in almost a decade of MOOCs.

I am gonna miss our weekly study group meetings. Can’t wait to meet all of you again on December 11th!