Snow Gums and tree die-offs

There’s an interesting article on snow gums dying off in Australia because of longicorn beetles here The sudden death of the snow gums . As the article says, climate change could be playing a role in this. See also here

In the video (3.3), it says that ‘natural events like…insect outbreaks’ can account for the absence of trees at high altitudes. However, can’t we see many of the recent insect outbreaks related in some way to climate change? I understand that the impact depends on the region under review, but I wonder if they are all ‘natural.’

The US Dept of Agriculture state ‘With continued changes in climate, many tree species will be exposed to conditions that are potentially less suitable for optimal growth, thereby making them more susceptible to bark beetle attacks…Similarly, we know that temperature is a strong driver of bark beetle populations, but for most species, the specific mechanisms that may be influenced in a changing climate are unknown.’ bark beetles and climate change
A couple of other interesting articles on this are here and here