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Since Crash Course doesn’t provide any practice quiz, I’ve decided to create flashcards. Of course, studying these flashcards is up to you.

Week 1

1.3 The Presocratics Quizlet Flashcards
1.4 Plato and Aristotle Quizlet Flashcards
1.5 India Quizlet Flashcards
1.6 Mesoamericas Quizlet Flashcards
1.7 Roman Engineering
1.8 Medieval Islamicate World

Week 2

2.1 Ancient and Medieval Medicine Quizlet Flashcards
2.2 Alchemy Quizlet Flashcards
2.3 Cathedrals and Universities Quizlet Flashcards
2.4 Scientific Revolution
2.5 The New Astronomy
2.6 The Scientific Method
2.7 The New Anatomy

If you prefer you can join this class on quizlet, I’ll be posting all flashcards there as well.

You can install quizlet app for Android or iOS.


I recommend you start by studying the set first, just navigate using the buttons below or click in Flashcards.

To start learn or test I recommend you turn on only multiple choice questions in the options menu (upper right if you’re in browser). Also, select “no shuffle” option so you can them in order.

If you’re interested in creating your own flashcards, please share them here and I’ll add to our class.

That’s it for now. During the week I’ll be updating this post.


I’ve already downloaded the app and saved the flashcards. I liked the idea of reviewing the content this way, Hank speaks so fast, it’s nice to have somewhere I can revist the content.


I love these - thank you, Fabio, this is a great help! I tend to get a little lost without some kind of structure and this is just right. I’m too short on time to create Cerego sets like I did for Mountains, and this fulfills the same purpose. I’ve just done one set so for (pre-socratics) but I’ll be doing them all. Again, thank you - I know how time-consuming this kind of thing can be.


Yes, it’s a lot of work actually! haha
But it’s a good way to review what we’ve learned. I’ve just uploaded two more to our collection.


Probably this will be my last update before our meeting tomorrow. I hope it helps!


Just started creating for this week!


Updates of the day! It’s getting easier this week finally.


These are really great @Fabio!

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These are my latest updates. I hope everyone comes prepared to next session!

Thanks for the support!