Post your mountain photos here

Australia is not known for high mountains, but I loved seeing Uluru (previously Ayer’s Rock) and Kata Tjuta (previously The Olgas). They both stand out impressively from the surrounding flat land in central Australia. After seeing countless photos of them all my life, when I saw them up close I was amazed at the texture and character of the rocks. They were not smooth; they showed signs of countless years of weathering. Simply mesmerizing!


Kata Tjuta


Ettaler Manndl, Bayern Voralpen


What a stunning photo, @Valla! Is there a story behind it?

This is a photo from Naneghat taken in 2005. It’s located 100 miles from Bombay. This was my first hike ever. When we saw it from below, we didn’t think we would actually make it to the top. It looked really daunting.

Just before you reach the top, there is a passage or “ghat”. “Nane” or “Nana” means grandfather on maternal side. And the peak shown in the picture above is locally know as grandfathers thumb.

I have been there multiple times. Hiking during the rainy season is especially fun.


It looks like an excellent place for hiking.

My parents lived in Mozambique for 5 years. While Mozambique is quite flat, when we visited them, we had the opportunity of crossing into South Africa, which has impressive mountains. Here are some pictures we took.

Table Mountain

This is Table Mountain. It borders the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is enclaved between the Atlantic Ocean to the north and Table Mountain to the south. Its name comes from its distinctive flat top. The little protrusion that you can see on the top-right of the plateau is the aerial cableway station that you can also see below.

And here’s the view from the top of Table Mountain. On the left, you can see Lion’s Head, another mountain that borders Cape Town and that extends into Signal Hill in the center of the picture.

Twelve Apostles

These are the Twelve Apostles, a mountain range a little to the south of Cape Town. Despite its name, it actually comprises 18 peaks, but I couldn’t get them all in the frame.


Being a Pakistani, Alhamdulillah blessed to be among so many huge mountains (and no wonder if some day some of us meet there maybe). Here are few pics from my visit to Gilgit in 2018 (can view a little glimpse of killer mountain - Nanga Parbat) in one of the pics.

This is precisely the place where three mightiest mountain ranges of the world meet (Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush)

There’s one from a visit to Naran (not as big mountains as Northern Areas but lot of greenery):


Breathtaking views. Loved the Table Mountain View the most. The twelve apostles reminds me of the Passu Cones I visited a decade ago.

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Amazing mountain photos, @talhairfan ! I really love the one with the snow-capped mountains behind the forested slopes, the town, and the river.

And @manoel , Cape Town looks like a fascinating place.

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@talhairfan your photos reminded me of Antigua City, Guatemala where you could see mountains at the eye level (please ignore my finger…).

My favorite part was the visit to Lake Atitlán with its two volcanoes.

I had gone there for a conference organized by Galileo University. They are organizing the next Learning With MOOCs conference in end of September, so maybe I will get to go again :crossed_fingers:t4: and be able to meet some of you. The conference itself was organized in a hotel that was built around ruins.


I’m in awe of so many of the photographs posted here! What amazing scenery–it’s really breathtaking!

The picture here is of Devil’s Tower, in Wyoming. It was also a key feature of the film “Close Adventures of the Third Kind.” It is relatively easy to walk around–and just awesome to look at from the different perspectives. (Although not as cool as Uluru!)


This is one of my favourite places in the Canadian Rockies - Yoho National Park on the British Columbia/Alberta border. And if this photo had a sound track you would hear America pikas (small rock rabbits) calling with their distinctive ‘eep eep’ all around you!


I’m amazed at the texture of Devil’s Tower - and yes, I remember it from the movie!

Wow, those stunning mountains and pikas calling too. So many beautiful experiences in the world!

So nice to see your mountain photos! It is almost like travelling again!

I went to the Canadian Rockies in early 2010 as we had family living in the area, and I was amazed at the scale of the mountains. I took a few panoramas like this one:

And I also really liked a smaller mountain we saw called the Beehive (I think):

The forests around there reminded me of Sweden, but on a much grander scale.


a “hotel built around ruins” sounds so amazing!


This is Cathedral Peak in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

And this is the view of some of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Yosemite, CA, USA. From the (almost) top of Cloud’s Rest.

These are two of my favorites near me!


Glorious photos! The pine trees, mountains and snow go so well together.

Cathedral peak is amazing! And you’ve captured the moon as well :crescent_moon: