On Trust, Wallets and Responses to Covid

This preprint of a paper (it downloads from google scholar) has a couple of really good graphs on pp. 7-8 on the relationship between returned wallets and the GINI index of inequality. Peru and China do pretty badly on the returning wallet score.

Another paper that I just found that is worth looking at is Helliwell et al’s ‘World Happiness, Trust and Deaths under COVID-19’, which seems fascinating and will keep me busy tomorrow (bit late here in Thailand). I jumped forward to the conclusion:

‘Trust was shown to be the key factor linking happiness and COVID-19. Of all the six factors supporting happiness, only trust played an equally strong role in helping countries to find and implement successful COVID-19 strategies. It was shown to be as important as ever in supporting happiness during the pandemic, and was found to be even more important when COVID-19 required the whole structure of private and public lives to be refocused on fighting the pandemic. Societies with higher trust in public institutions and greater
income equality were shown to be more successful in fighting COVID-19, as measured by 2020 rates of COVID-19 deaths’


@Hamish, really appreciate your eagerness and participation in this whole session! You give so much wonderful information. I was also going through the paper that Prof. Raj shared today via chat.
About the wallet experiment, I had once seen a video on YouTube about a similar experiment done in Japan. And it was so heartwarming to see how people reacted when they saw the wallets drop from the experimenter. They would leave all they were doing and rush after him to return his wallet.
I hope we can all be trustworthy human beings and make the world a better place.
Thanks again! :grinning: