Mountain Music

Here are a couple of videos showcasing throat singing which Britannica says “originated among the indigenous Turko-Mongol tribes of the Altai and Sayan mountains of southern Siberia and western Mongolia.”

Enjoy these and please add with other typical (or atypical) music from other mountain areas!

Batzorig Vaanchig



Andy Kershaw’s shows on the BBC are excellent for world music. His Planet Music had this episode about Mountains a few years ago.

There’s a 5 minute documentary about Appalachian mountain music. It doesn’t mention Lonnie Donegan’s Cumberland Gap though. Hog-Eyed Man are a modern band which are pretty good - this video is cool as you can move it around.

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Nice Appalachian links Hamish…and the BBC episode I can actually watch over here in Canada so will look forward to that. Thanks!

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I’m must have been thinking too much last night about Zac’s photos and world music, as I had a dream about El Condor Pasa. It reminded me of seeing a group from the Peruvian Andes a few years ago at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They were called Apu and this site has some of their music as well as a video of them playing in the Andes. It was an amazing concert.

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Isn’t it glorious? I was hoping someone would chime in with a sample from Peru. Weirdly and wonderously, the first time I heard a Peruvian band was in the Paris metro tunnels. It was magical there too :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for sharing!

In Vietnam - my country, we have a whole range of mountains located in our northwest region, near Vietnam - China border.

When we go there trekking, we need assistance of local porters. They are from H’Mong ethnics, living in both Vietnam and China, and often up above the elevation of 1,000m up. (In China, they are called Miao ethnic (苗族 )

Both H’Mong men and women are very strong and very good at cooking, or maybe we are always too hungry waiting for their meals at the huts.

I would like to share an Youtue link here with their own types of flutes.

Hope you enjoy the music!!!



Brought back some memories for my treks in India where at the top there would be some locals selling food. And it always tasted really really delicious :slight_smile:

Treks during the rainy season were my favourite.

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@dhawal trekking under the rain is really tough slippery and soaked everywhere :sweat_smile:

Climbing alongside waterfalls is quite fun :slight_smile: