Mountain Books and Movies

Last night (for me) David mentioned The Eiger Sanction as an example of a mountain movie. Free Solo is also very good. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Regarding books, I loved Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin air and Joe Simpson’s Touching the Void. Does anyone know of other books like these? Literature is also a great way of learning about mountains. Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain comes to mind. Any other recommendations?


This is (the English translation of) a book they commonly make you read as a kid in France and Belgium. Frankly, I don’t remember much about the book besides that it’s about mountain guides in the French Alps. But this courses has made me want to pick it up again (if I can find it).

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An old acquaintance said multiple times that his favorite book was Eiger: Wall of Death by Arthur J. Roth. I’ve never read it but now I’m curious! I also loved Into Thin Air. The Snow Leopard by Peter Mattheissen is another great read.


I haven’t watched this documentary yet but it seems nerve-wrecking. (Free solo)


It’s the one Linda brought up yesterday, during the post-live session chat. It’s really good!


The Push: A Climbers Search For The Path by Tommy Caldwell. Jon Krakauer reviewed it as the most insightful book about climbing he has ever read.
I agree and hope u will too There’s also a documentary with him climbing the Dawn wall in Yosemite. It’s excellent also.

Seen it on TV a couple of years ago. Breath-taking, an extra-ordinary climber, unimaginable that one could even think of taking this risk.


Songcatcher shows quite a bit about Appalachian mountain culture. The music is amazing.