Live Sessions: How to Set Up Zoom

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be using Zoom for the live sessions with David.

For those that may not have used Zoom before, here are some brief explanations on how to set it up.

1. Check Your Emails

Every week, you’ll receive a calendar invitation by email. It will be sent to the email address you used to sign up on this forum. (I’ll send the invitations for the first session a bit later today.)

The invitation will contain a link. On Tuesday, you’ll be able to use this link to join the session. But you can also click on the link now to install Zoom ahead of time.

The specifics of the installation will depend on the device you’re using.

2. Install Zoom

:arrow_forward: On Desktop

The above window should open in your browser.

  • If you already have Zoom installed, the meeting may launch automatically. If not, click on Launch Meeting.
  • If you don’t have Zoom installed, the installation may start automatically. If not, click on Download Now to go through the installation process specific to your OS.
  • If you have issues launching/installing Zoom, you may want to join the session through your browser instead. This option isn’t shown by default. To make it appear, click on Launch Meeting but stay on the current page. The option to Join from Your Browser should now appear, as shown below.

:arrow_forward: On Mobile

You should be taken to the Zoom app download page. It that doesn’t happen automatically, here are the links:

3. Join the Session

Once Zoom is installed on your device, you should be redirected to the meeting room. If this doesn’t happen automatically, go back to the invitation you received by email and click again on the link to join the meeting.

Once the meeting room opens, you’ll be able to pick a name, and you’ll be placed in a waiting room until the start of the session.

I hope this helps.


Thanks @manoel for setting up the logistics for the ‘live’ session on Tuesday. Looking forward to meeting some of you ‘face-to-face’ then to talk about mountains! :mountain_snow: :mountain: :volcano: :mount_fuji:. And FYI, we can juggle the timing in future weeks if there is a better alternative (but of course hard to accommodate every time zone). But just let us know.

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It would be great to have a time slot that would work for people in Australia and New Zealand. This week’s one is at 2am for me. Will you make a recording available?

Yes, Margreet, the plan is to switch up these live session times to cover different time zones. Hopefully, you’ll be able to join one of the next sessions. :slight_smile:

Edit: And I’ll include a link to the recording in tomorrow’s weekly email!