Lesson 1 - favorite bits

Akin to a commonplace book, I like to record quotes and ideas I come across for future reference - even just noticing and writing them down helps me integrate them, and then I can refer to them later to remind myself. I’d like to do this for Mountains 101, and I thought if I did it publicly others could chime in and make a joint favorite/most interesting/“today I learned” list. So here’s mine, starting with overall first impressions:

  • The production values are OUTSTANDING. I’m charmed by the beautiful images and video footage!
  • The Your Mountain World interactive map is a great way to review places covered and mentally site them, plus I look forward to expanding it as we go.

Why Mountains Matter segments:

  • Fascinating exploration of the definition of “mountain,” as we’ve discussed in another thread. I particularly like the notion that a mountain is impressive and individual. The emphasis on local relief explains how this region’s Holyoke Range, a basaltic ridge where the highest elevations are under 400m, still feels extremely mountainous.
  • The distinction between elevation, altitude, and height is very useful.
  • I learned from this lesson’s interactive map that the Andes are the longest continental mountain chain, and that the summit of Mt. Chimborazo is the furthest surface point from the center of the Earth because it’s fatter at the equator - a very cool tidbit.
  • As a marathon runner (a slow one!) I’ve learned to respect my feet. The tips about how to tape rubs and blisters and avoid heel lift and toe bang were super-useful!

I loved the “Why do Mountains Matter”. Covered so much in 6 minutes.

I have been using a similar tool like the interactive map to learn the different states and union territory of India

They do have a bunch of other Geography games that I would like to try


Thanks for sharing! I had the exact same thought on production-I’ve always been mesmerized by mountains in their presence, but seeing a whole world full of them in these breathtaking images takes things to a new level. And it makes me want to go explore!

I, too, am grateful for the interactive map. Not sure if anyone else has a similar story, but I feel my education was always lacking in geography and most things I know I taught myself. I never remember where famous mountains, rivers, and such are located because I was never taught their importance or even given a simple task like finding them on a map! The map, along with the points in Why Do Mountains Matter, helped me make associations, chunk, and learn better overall. Looking forward to more of this!


Although not specifically about mountains, geogussr is a pretty good geography game https://www.geoguessr.com/free


This is a great idea, @hcethatsme!

You and @jacqulynj already mentioned my favorite bits: the interactive maps and learning the difference between elevation, altitude, and height. I’ve been misusing these words for years, but no more! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I also liked the things already mentioned, and I really liked the photos of bioclimactic belts and I realised that is probably what I like most about mountain regions - the variety of colours and different types of nature.