Course Schedule for Mountains 101

For this study group, we have chosen Mountains 101 from the University of Alberta, Canada. It’s taught by Zac Robinson and David Hik.

The study group will start on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 and will go through the course in 4 weeks. This means, we will take 3 lessons per week. The course has a total workload of approx. 18 hours. Here is the schedule:

Week 1
Wednesday, May 12 - Tuesday, May 18:

  • Lesson 1: Why Mountains Matter
  • Lesson 2: Origins
  • Lesson 3: Climate

Week 2
Wednesday, May 19 - Tuesday, May 25:

  • Lesson 4: Bodies at Altitude
  • Lesson 5: Water Towers
  • Lesson 6: Glaciers

Week 3
Wednesday May 26 - Tuesday, June 1:

  • Lesson 7: Imagination
  • Lesson 8: Hazards
  • Lesson 9: Mountain Biodiversity and Adaptations of Plants

Week 4
Wednesday, June 2 - Tuesday, June 8:

  • Special live session with David and Zac about the Mount Logan Expedition.

Week 5
Wednesday, June 9 - Thursday, June 17:

  • Lesson 10: Animal Adaptations
  • Lesson 11: Use and Preservation
  • Lesson 12: Future Mountains

I dont understand how add my course of genetics here…

Hey Laura,

Here’s the course this schedule corresponds to: Mountains 101. You can find more information here. Hopefully, in the future we’ll take more courses. But for now, we’re focusing on this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Timing of today lecture??

@Yaman there are no live lectures all the course materials been already been pre-recorded and we just do the course in the schedule mentioned above.

Here are instructions on how to signup for the course: How to Enroll in Mountains 101

More details about the study group here: Learn with Class Central: Join our Study Group — Class Central

Hope this helps