ALOHAF six year anniversary

I was going through some of the articles that Class Central has written over the years about the course and discovered the course first started on June 15th, 2015. Quite a coincidence that, the study group starts almost six years later.

One of my colleague back then interviewed @Raj a few months before the course officially started. Here is the interview

And here are some other articles that we have published over the years about this course:


What a coincidence! This only shows how amazing our journey through this study group is going to be :grinning:

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Wow, I was sceptical while I enrolled in this course but thought, let’s see what I can find useful, frankly I was looking for a few more tips, not to become happy but to sustain my happiness. And 6 years later, I find it is the most practical course ever made on happiness. I am glued to it, being a “sinner”, I need reminders too frequently.


Learning How to Learn was that course for me!


Yes, that course was a “validation” kind for my learning methods, which unfortunately most teachers frown upon. I beta tested it and am mentoring that course as well.


Likewise, Learning How to Learn was the first MOOC I ever took! Also loved the book, A Mind for Numbers.