[A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment] Introductions

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the study group! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Feel free to introduce yourself here. Here are some things we’d love to know:

  • Where are you from?
  • Have you taken online courses before? Which were your favorite?
  • What do you hope to get out of this study group?

For an overview of the study group and how to get started, head to this page.


I’ll go first! Hi everyone! :grinning:

I’m Manoel, this study group’s coordinator. I’m from Spain, but I live in Belgium. Nice to e-meet you!

I don’t remember what my first online course was. It was many years ago. But I’ve taken about 20 online courses since. I’m about to finish Mountains 101 via our inaugural study group. It’s a great course with passionate instructors. I strongly recommend it!

Online education has a special place in my heart. I did my university studies online, and I got my job at Class Central through another great online course: Learning How to Learn. This one’s perfect for new online learners.

Taking online courses with learners worldwide has been a lot of fun. So I look forward to seeing this community continue to grow. Happy learning, everyone!


Thanks for doing this, Manoel. I am the instructor for this course–Raj Raghunathan–and am delighted to be here! I look forward to interacting with people form all around the world :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Rui living in China. I really enjoy learning online courses and that’s the reason I’m here.

Thank you, Professor Rajagopal Raghunathan @Raj for bringing us such an inspiring and interesting course. I just enrolled and cannot help going through all the materials of this course.



My name is Andreína Teixeira. I live in Caracas, Venezuela. I took the ALOHA course on Coursera a couple of years ago and I loved it. I hope to refresh and apply it in my everyday life.

Greetings to everyone!


hi , i am maruf hasan , from Bangladesh have taken few more online courses before this , looking forward to a happy learning experience.


Hello Manoel, Thank you so much for taking this initiative! @Raj Spoiler alert! He really made this course engaging and empathetic. I completed my first week and I’m already loving it. So many eye-openers, sooo much fun and love throughout the course! hope everyone will complete it and lead happy lives. :slight_smile:

As @dhawal sir liked this reply, I would like to thank you for creating such a great platform! This is treasure for me and I promise to utilize it maximum to stay productive and happy :slight_smile:

All the best buddies!


Wow.I never thought I’d meet Raj ( Dr .Happy Smarts )even though online.Am excited to be here


Aloha everyone
I am Victor .I took the online course I 2019.It really transformed my life .Am happy to be here .Cheers✌️


Hi I am from New Delhi, India. I joined first mooc floated somewhere in 2011, I think, on artificial intelligence by the udacity founder. Since then I have enrolled in around a thousand moocs, but could actually complete less than 10. I am here in this study group because I don’t want this mooc to be there in the first list, list of enrolled moocs only.


Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all!

My name is João Paulo, I am from Ribeirão Preto - Brazil. It’s a pleasure to me stay with you and learn with you!

Thanks so much!

I love taking online courses and in this plataform it will be my first…

Hope you enjoy your day and have an awesome life!

Bye bye


Namaste :pray:

I am Siddhesh, from India and I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I work as corporate trainer and also cofounder of Bookstruck.app, a self-publishing platform to publish stories/articles in Indian languages; read/write/publish for FREE.

I have taken a few online classes, many of which I havent completed. I was a regular attendee of Happy Hours session conducted by Raj last year. I miss those sessions hence want to be part of this group. I am hoping i will have a happy time and learn many things at the same time.

Waiting to meet you all


Hi, my name is Michelle and I am from the US but I live in Madrid, Spain. I took the Aloha course on coursera about 6 years ago. I’m here to refresh a bit :blush:


Hi, everyone.
I’m Ayush from Hyderabad, India. I’ve taken a couple of online courses in the past few years.
I made an attempt last year to take this course on happiness on Coursera but never completed it. Ergo when I saw that there’s going to be a thriving community whose sole focus is completion and discussion of this course, I grabbed the opportunity.
Excited to be here.


Hello , I am Riya saha, I am a undergraduate student . I completed the course this year and I loved it .Looking ahead to have a great time with you all


Hello everyone,

I am sinem. I am from Turkey but I moved to luxembourg a week ago. I love taking online courses and my fav was the science of wellbeing in coursera. This will be my first in this platform.

Excited to start the journey.



Hi everyone
I am Dr Amba Sethi from Raipur Chhattisgarh India
I love doing online courses and have done many . The last i completed was from Nimhans on addiction management . I wish to get a deeper understanding about happiness by joining this group .
Wish to learn from each other


Hola a todos. My name is Jorge and I live in Madrid. I took the Alohaf course a couple of years ago, I loved it, and I hope to learn more useful tips these following weeks. Thanks for the initiative!



I am looking forward to this course.
What are discussions about.


Hello everybody!!!
My name is Gaby and I am from Costa Rica. I started the ALOHA course like 2 years ago but didn’t finish it. :see_no_evil: Still, always receiving and reading Raj’s emails, and always interested in self improvement.

Can’t wait to share with all of you!:hugs: